The LLR (Leicester/shire and Rutland) Buddying Project is an initiative designed to offer essential support to individuals starting careers in health and social care. Acknowledging the rewarding yet demanding nature of these professions, the project aims to ensure individuals receive timely assistance, fostering their growth and promoting a positive work environment. LLR Buddies, will possess relevant experience, values, and skills. They will serve as guides, offering information, informal support, and kindness to new starters. While their primary focus is on aiding newcomers during induction periods, their versatile skills could extend to assisting individuals in various scenarios, facilitating learning about diverse workplaces, teams, or organisations.

Emphasising the significance of a well-structured induction, the project addresses the potential challenges associated with starting a new job. Poor induction experiences not only contribute to staff turnover but also impact team morale, disrupt continuity in care, and tarnish an organisation's reputation. By providing effective support during the critical first 90 days, LLR Buddies play a pivotal role in shaping positive induction experiences. This proactive approach aims to ensure that new staff members feel supported, settle in quickly, and are more likely to contribute to the organisation's success in the long term.

Additionally, the guide produced to support the pilot covers common scenarios and how LLR Buddies can navigate them, ensuring a holistic approach to supporting new team members. Recognising that people learn differently, the guide encourages adaptability in the induction timetable and underscores the need for kindness and understanding.

Retention rate

One of the biggest issues organisations worldwide are facing is a low retention rate. Employees jump ship for a better opportunity in a heartbeat—this has been dubbed the Great Resignation. The company also bleeds money because hiring is more costly than offering handsome salaries and incentives.

A buddy system helps retain new employees by creating an atmosphere of acceptance and making them feel comfortable and not overworked. This leads to higher retention rates because when people think they're being heard and valued, they are likelier to be happy and satisfied and stick around for much longer.

Buddying basics

1. What attributes make a good Buddy?

  • is patient and a good listener
  • has knowledge to share on how things work both in the role and across the organisation
  • the ability to use questions to encourage new starters to think for themselves
  • strongly reflects the culture and values of the organisation.

2. A buddy is not there to replace training but offer a supportive, friendly face. Responsibilities could include:

  • showing new starters how to find their way around including aspects such as areas designated for breaks
  • introductions to the rest of the team
  • answering any questions the new starter may have in general or about the role.

3. The first day for any new starter can be daunting, so setting up the initial Buddy meeting is often best carried out in an informal environment such as over coffee. The Buddy can take this opportunity to outline their own role and why they are acting as the new starters Buddy. Other useful topics to cover include how long the Buddy arrangement will be in place; any organisational events to understand such as birthday collections; and to encourage any questions.

Who makes a good buddy?

  • Good listening and communication skills
  • Willingness to or a record of helping and guiding others
  • Solid work performance record
  • A team player accepted and respected by others
  • Taking time out to ensure they are available for the new hire
  • Friendly, patient, and kind
  • Enthusiasm for being a buddy

Your buddy is essentially an ambassador for your culture. You want to put your best people forward to make sure new hires are getting a positive introduction to company culture.

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Support Worker (mental health)

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Personal Assistant/Carer

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