Depending on the role, you don't always need qualifications or previous work experience to get a job in social care. What's really important is having the right values, behaviours and attitudes to work effectively with people who need care and support.

What values do you need in social care?

Values are the beliefs, views and natural attributes that people hold about what is right and wrong. They apply to all aspects of life and influence how a person behaves in different situations.

Here are some examples of the values and behaviours you need to work in social care...

Values for a career in adult social care. These include empathy, patience, tolerance, honesty, adaptability, reliability, willingness to learn, professionalism, flexibility, self-motivation, independent working, kindness, team player, passion for empowering others, respect, compassion, and resilience.

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Demonstrating values

You may not have experience of working in a social care role, but you might have other experience which demonstrates that you have the right values. You could draw on experiences from;

  • a hobby
  • volunteering or work experience
  • your home life
  • a previous job (part-time or full-time)
  • caring for a loved one

Have a think about some of the values and behaviours employers would like to see and write down examples of where you have used them to prepare you for your interview.

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Demonstrating first-hand experience will help you when starting your career in social care. Here are some ways you could build your experience and put your values and behaviours into practice.

  • Volunteer with a local community or charity group
  • Try work experience or taster days
  • Join a local sports team or interest group
  • Organise or support a fundraising activity
  • Regularly offer to help family members, neighbours or friends

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