Values Based Recruitment

Values-based recruitment

What is values-based recruitment?

Our values define us. They influence who we are, what we believe is important in life, the way we live and how we treat people. In the workplace they are guiding principles linked to behaviours that help people deliver exceptional care and support.

A values-based approach to recruitment and retention involves establishing strong workplace values and ensuring that your workforce matches them. Doing this will help to reduce time and wasted resources in recruiting the wrong people. Below are some ideas of values that have been identified to be the right values for social care professions.

Diagram with the words 'Values for a career in adult social care' in the middle and bubbles around with different values written in them.

Value-based recruitment resources

Below you will find a sample 'Candidate Evaluation' form and an example set of interview questions you can use to tailor you own interview questions. Feel free to swap and change the values from the values displayed above, picking out those that you feel reflect the types of values you want to identify for your business.

The Candidate Evaluation form lets candidates self evaluate how much of each value they believe they possess. This is done before the interview and is used to steer the interview questions.

The interview questions is a template for you to use that asks them how they scored themselves and why, asks them to expand on each value by giving you an example of how they demonstrated that value, and finally, how it made them feel.

Clone A Care Professional Activity

This exercise allows you to fully assess your preferences when looking for new care professionals to join you. We know that values are the building blocks of an individual but there are other aspects of a person which can make them a good fit!

For more information about Values Based Recruitment, please click on the link below.

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Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant

Company: Individual Employer Location: Loughborough West & Shepshed
Added 16th May

Community Carer

Company: Melton Care Services Location: Melton Mowbray,Wigston & South Wigston
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Care Assistant

Care Assistant

Company: Care At Home Midlands Ltd Location: Ashby de la Zouch & Coalville,Birstall & Anstey,Glenfield & Braunstone Town,Ibstock & Measham,Melton Mowbray

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