We all know that trying to stay healthy with the food we consume can be hard at the best of times. In home-to-home care this becomes even harder. We have put together some tips to help you stay hydrated and well-nourished whilst doing this busy role.

Fast food is our enemy when it comes to keeping our energy up. It is better to grab a meal deal from a local shop it will also save you some money! There are so many brilliant deals you can get including:

Tesco meal deal

Tesco meal deal price – £3.40 with a Clubcard, or £3.90 without

Meal deal featuresA main, a snack and a drink

Co-op meal deal

Co-op meal deal price – £3.50 for Co-op members, or £4 for non-members

Meal deal features – A main, a snack and a drink

Sainsbury's meal deal

Sainsbury's meal deal price – £3.50 (£5 deal also available)

Meal deal features – A main, a snack and a drink

Morrisons meal deal

Morrisons meal deal price – £3.50

Meal deal features – A main, a snack and a drink

ASDA meal deal

ASDA meal deal price – Varies (pick three items and the cheapest is free)

Meal deal features – Any three eligible items

Greggs meal deal

Greggs meal deal price – £3.60

Meal deal features – A salad/sandwich and a drink

If you on an evening shift and want something a bit bigger to keep you going the TooGoodToGo App is a brilliant option. Restaurants and cafes offer massive discounts to their foods in order to no waste as much as possible. You will need to pre order via the app with a given time for collection.


Pack your own lunches

This may be the most obvious of ideas but those who actually manage to make one daily are very rare. At most it can take 10 minutes to prepare and will save you a large amount of money over the year. To stay active and not become sluggish during the day add some fruit and veg to pack out your meal.

If you add protein like fish, nuts, or chicken, a salad can be a meal on its own. It can help you recharge and get back on the road.

Drink water rather than sugary beverages

It's important to stay hydrated whilst out working. Improper hydration can cause drowsiness, irritability and even dizziness which can affect your ability to focus and work safely. Avoid sugary beverages like fizzy drinks, juice, or overly sweetened coffee. Choose unsweetened, calorie-free drinks like flat water, sparkling water, or unsweetened tea or coffee to stay active and focused. For an eco-friendlier option, bring an insulated water bottle and re-fill it when you stop for rest breaks.

Some more tips

  • Try to eat regularly. Aim to eat around the same times everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner to help maintain a healthy eating pattern.
  • Don't wait until you're too hungry to eat. Be sure to include healthy snacks during your shift to keep your energy levels up. Include a mid morning and late afternoon snack as part of your workday. Avoid snacks high in fat, sugar and salt.
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