Photo of folded Melton Care Services tunic with staff badge and hand sanitiser

Gemma is an Inspired to Care Ambassador, we were really excited to be able to virtually 'shadow' Gemma and gain a real insight in to her role as a Care Coordinator for Melton Care Services. The social media ambassador take-over day was featured on our Instagram ( and Facebook stories.

6.36am - Getting myself and my daughter ready for the day ahead.

Photo of child hugging a fluffy dog

I wake up at 6am to get myself and my daughter ready for the day ahead. My shift at Melton Care Services starts at 7am and I take my daughter to her Grandparents house beforehand. Our dog Dusty loves his morning cuddles!

7.00am - Arriving at our first call of the day.

Selfie of two care workers wearing face masks

This morning I am completing some calls with Lucy, who is our newly appointed Senior Carer. Time to put our PPE (personal protective equipment) on before entering the house of our first call today.

7.16am - Washing & dressing

Photo of a soap and sponge in a sink bowl with the water tap running

Our first job is to support the person using our service to get up, washed and dressed for the day. Personal care is a part of a carer's everyday role. This morning we give a full body wash. It's important to provide support for each client in the way that they wish, whilst promoting independence at the same time.

7.55am - Administering medication

Photo of a blister pack of medicine

Time to administer daily medication, specific training is provided for this part of the role.

The records have to be updated as follows:

Day - Date - Time

All meds fully taken, notes updated and MAR (Medical Administration Record) chart signed.

This is so that we have a record of all medication taken and contains the product name, strength, dose frequency, quantity, and any additional information required.

Specialist equipment

Photo of a hoist in a living room

Here we use a hoist to transfer the person using our service. A hoist is specialist equipment used to transfer somebody who has limited mobility, without putting unnecessary strain on the carer or the person being cared for. We received training as part of our role from Melton Care Services to use this equipment.

Photo of a care worker holding a piece of assistive technology

The 'possum' is then set up to ensure the person using our service has full independent control over the TV, lifeline, phone and lights without any assistance. The 'possum' is Assistive Technology (AT) used to empower people with disabilities by increasing their independence.

8.17am - On route to my next call of the day..

Photo of a road sign that points to Leicester to the left and Grantham and Nottingham to the right

Working in domiciliary care means that I travel between houses of the people that use our service throughout the day. As a Care Coordinator I complete some calls in the morning before making my way in to the office for the coordinator part of my role.

8.56am - Logging in to my next call

Photo of a dongle being held between two fingers

I log in and out of each call using a dongle. Each time I arrive at a call I press the dongle which creates a unique code and the same when I leave.

This helps to ensure lone worker safety and to evidence that the service provided is completed and on time.

Breakfast time!

Two photos on a green background. One image is of a hot drink and a plate of toast. The other image is of four water bottles.

Today the person using our service is enjoying jam on toast. Independence is promoted by enabling decision making, preferences are listened to and acted upon whenever possible.

9.30am - Arriving at the office for my coordinator tasks and senior meeting

Photo of Melton Care Services office building

In my Care Coordinator role I am responsible for organising rota's for the carers and templating those rota's so that all staff are aware of their schedule in advance.

This ensures all people using our service receive the correct amount of care required to live safe, fulfilling and as independently as possible. I also attend our Seniors meeting where further planning is completed.

I love the variety that my role provides.

9.32am Covid-19 test

Photo of COVID-19 test kit

As part of my role to keep everyone safe I take a weekly COVID-19 test

Question time..

Gemma very kindly invited questions from people using our social media platforms who were curious about her role and what her job entailed. Below you can find Gemma's answers as quotes.

The parts of my role which I enjoy the most are socialising with clients and encouraging them to be independent, I also like the mixture of both care and office work.


The key skills a care worker needs are; reliability, commitment and good communication skills are important as well as having the right personal values such as kindness, patience and empathy.


My career aspirations are to progress up the career ladder within the care sector.


16.25pm Home-time

Photo of front door of a house.

Thank-you Gemma for taking over our social media and letting us follow you in your role for the day.

If you would like to learn more about the Care Coordinator / Senior Carer roles complete our enquiry form!

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