Photo of a young female care professional wearing a June Home Care uniform

Niamh works for June Home Care in Loughborough as a community care professional and Client Lead. Niamh is an Inspired to Care Ambassador and invited us to join her on her shift to find out about her role.

The Ambassador Takeover Days take place monthly on our Instagram ( and Facebook pages.

7.30am - Getting ready for work

Photo of a box of breakfast cereal and a bowl of bran flakes. Text is written over the photo explaining that it is breakfast time.

Good morning! I'm on early shifts this week. My first call is usually at 7am but I got a lie in today as I started at 8am instead.

My job title is Client Lead and I work for June Home Care. As a Client Lead I carry out care visits but I also have additional responsibilities that include carrying out care plans and risk assessments.

8.00am - First care visit of the day

Photo of a care worker wearing a medical face mask, blue gloves and a plastic apron.

My first shift of the day today is a 'double-up' call. This means I am working alongside a colleague to provide care and support. Today I am working with Chloe. Here she is ready to go in her PPE.

8.37am - Providing personal care

Photo of a commode chair in a wet room. Text over the image explains what is in the image,

We support this client to have a shower every morning. Some of our clients have wet rooms to make it easier for them to get in and out of the shower. Our client in this visit uses a commode chair to sit on whilst showering as they struggle to stand up for long periods of time.

9.34am - Preparing breakfast for a client

Photo of a tray of breakfast foods. Over the image is text explaining what support the care worker provides support with during the morning visit.

I'm now at my second client. They are already up and starting to get ready for their day. This client is able to do their personal care independently so I do not need to support them with getting ready. My role is to be a friendly face, to help them prepare breakfast, and then support them to take their medication.

9.45am - Driving between clients' houses

Photo of a car radio with an Instagram poll over the top asking the audience to vote for their preferred radio station.

I'm in the car ready to drive to my next client. I like listening to the radio in the car. Right now I'm listening to Capital FM, but I like to flick over to Radio 1 when the adverts come on.

10.15am - Writing client notes

Screenshot of a care notes mobile app with text over the image explaining what the app is used for.

At June Home Care we write all of our client notes on a secure app called Access Care Planning. We log in at the start of every visit and then we tick off each activity as we complete them. We then log out when we leave. Using this software helps us to deliver person-centred care because it gives a description under each task to explain how the client likes to receive care and support.

10.58am - Using assistive technology

Photo of a care worker holding a rotunda. Text over the image explains that the rotunda is used to support the client to move.

I'm back working with Chloe now as this client requires two care professionals to provide support. We are using a rotunda to support the client to move from her bed to her commode and then into her comfy chair so she can enjoy some rice pudding.

12.00pm - Lunchtime visits begin

Photo of a plate of food with a drink in the foreground and the torso of the person eating in the background.

After midday we move on to delivering lunchtime support visits. My client has chosen to have steak in ale and mash for his lunch. I have supported him to prepare the meal. I will also support him to prepare a drink as it is important that we ensure our clients stay hydrated throughout the day.

1.15pm - Time for my lunch break

Photo of a Tesco meal deal with cartoon writing over the front of the image that says 'lunch time'.

It's my lunch break now. Sometimes I bring a packed lunch rom home but when I am on early shifts I prefer to dip into the shops to pick something up. I've gone for a cheeky meal deal today.

1.30pm - Tour of my car boot organiser

Photo of a car boot organiser which is filled with personal protective equipment. Text over explains that having this type of organiser is great tool for domiciliary care workers.

This is my top tip for community care professionals! Get a car boot organiser to separate your PPE. I love mine, it makes life so much easier!

2.30pm - My last call of the day

Photo of a young female care professional moving a hoist. She is wearing a mask, apron and gloves and is facing away from the camera.

I'm now at my last visit of the day. I'm working alongside my colleague Adrienne. She is one of our Senior Care Assistants. We are using a hoist to support our client to move from her bed to her comfy chair. It is important that she spends some time out of her bed and sat in her chair to strengthen her back and relieve her skin to prevent pressure sores.

3.30pm - Care plans and risk assessments

Selfie of a young female care professional who is doing a 'thumbs up'. Text over the image explains that she has finished her last visit for the day and will be heading home to do paperwork.

i have visited all of my visits for the day. I am heading home now to complete some care plans and risk assessments. These form part of my role as a Client Lead.

Thank you for spending the day with me!

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