Bev's story

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Quality officer role

Bev is employed by Leicestershire County Council and is part of the Quality team. Her role as a quality officer involves working with social care services, mainly residential homes, across Leicestershire to improve services for the people who use them.

As a quality officer, Bev supports service managers and care professionals who wish to better the service that they provide. Bev can receive referrals directly from care professionals, or from council colleagues who manage social care contracts or safeguarding concerns.

My role is to support providers to ensure that they have the most current information and are able to fulfill the requirements of the local authority and the national social care regulator


Day in the life of a quality officer

Bev will generally work with 3 or 4 residential care homes at a given time, offering guidance, support and training. Bev leads on falls prevention given her training and interest in this area. Bev has an extensive background in working in residential care homes herself. The majority of Bev's time is spent working directly with care managers and engaging with people using services and care staff.

The training that Bev delivers can take different forms because she adapts her resources to meet the individual need of each service or person being supported. For example, she may deliver a group training session on reducing falls on one day, and a 1:1 advice session with a service manager on the next. Every day is different!

Types of work I might be involved with could include working with services to reduce the number of falls or working with a specific service user to reduce falls. This might involve looking at their involvement with health colleagues, looking at their footwear and looking into what assistive technology would help reduce their risk of falling.

Career timeline


Moving and Handling – Assessor & Risk Assessor


Level 3 qualification in Medication Administration

2012- present

Quality Officer for local authority


Level 3 ILM qualification


Assistant Manager at a residential home


Qualified as a first aider

1991- 2008

Night care worker at a residential home


Housekeeper role at a residential home

Prior to 1990

Various roles, including cleaning and working at a knitwear factory

I left school with no qualifications, to look back now and think of what I have achieved and how I have been able to progress I can be really proud of what developing a career in social care has been able to offer me


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