Residential care team leader

Read Millie's story to learn what inspired her to work in social care and how she has progressed into her team leader role.

Care worker playing a board game with three residents.

Millie's career journey

Millie is an experienced support worker at Hunters Lodge in Lutterwoth, Leicestershire. Hunters Lodge is home to 12 permanent residents who have care needs that include learning and physical disabilities.

Working as a support worker has enabled Millie to develop her communication skills and practical skills, such as administering medication. Her role has also given her patience, resilience and an ability to stay calm under pressure. Millie has recently progressed into a shift leader role.

I've worked in the sector for approaching 3 years and have already been able to progress to being a shift leader. I am pleased that the management were able to see potential in me and it's teaching me lots of new skills to lead and develop others around me.


Day in the life of a shift leader

Millie is part of a small group of staff who work together to support 12 residents. Millie's role is to support the residents to live as independently as possible, this involves supporting residents with every part of day-to-day life, such as preparing and eating meals, getting dressed, taking medications and maintaining good personal hygiene.

Millie usually works 3, 12 hour, shifts each week and has the opportunity to pick up additional work if she chooses to do so.

Millie's day begins by catching up with the support workers who are on duty during the night. The purpose of this meeting is to make sure Millie is aware of any issues that arose during the night, such as a resident becoming ill. After the handover, Millie supports residents to get ready for their day. Some residents go to day services during the day, whereas others choose to stay at home. For those residents who stay at home, Millie assists them with their daily routines. This includes encouraging residents to be independent and engage with their community through activities such as visits to shops or cafés. Millie also supports residents to attend health appointments, such as GP and dentist visits.

In the evening, Millie supports residents to prepare and eat dinner and take part in activities that they enjoy, such as craft and playing games. Millie is then responsible for making sure that the support workers who arrive to start their shift at 8pm are updated on what happened during the day and any issues that they need to be aware of overnight.

Millie has recently progressed into a shift leader role. As a shift leader, Millie is responsible for dealing with emergency situations and supporting her colleagues to carry out their duties. Millie will also be responsible for communicating important information to health colleagues, such as GPs and dentists.

We are one big family here, the job is so fulfilling for me, one of the residents here we sometimes put loads of pillows and duvets down and just sit and talk, she smiles and seems so much happier when we can spend this one to one time together and that makes my job worth it.

Career Timeline

2017- present

Training shift leader


Qualified as a First Aider

2015- 2017

Care Assistant - Hunters Lodge (residential care service)

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