Sally's story

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Journey into a career in care

During her childhood, Sally spent time supporting her cousin who had Downs Sydrome and, in later years, her grandma when she moved into residential care. It was these experiences that inspired her to study Health and Social care at college and then progress into a role as a care assistant at a residential care home.

Since beginning her career in care, Sally has gained a wealth of skills and experience in supporting people with complex needs. In 2015, Sally qualified as a Positive Behaviour Support Coach with the British Institute of Learning Disabilities. She now works for Leicestershire County Council and advises care professionals on how to support people whose behaviour has started to cause concern or impact on their quality of life.

My role is very wide and varied. I work with colleagues across health and social care, wherever there are questions or concerns regarding behaviour support.


The role of a Positive Behaviour Support Lead Advisor

Sally's role involves working with individuals who show behaviours of concern, such as physical or verbal aggression, to support them to manage their behaviour and improve their quality of life. This process involves working with care professionals, families and other key people to understand why the person is acting in a particular way. For example, identifying factors such as boredom or anxiety. Sally then works with everyone involved to create strategies to help the individual to manage their behaviour.

Day in the life of a PBS Lead Advisor

Sally works full-time, Monday to Friday, during normal office hours.

Sally's working week is very varied and involves working with a range of different people and organisations. Her working schedule includes delivering training workshops on topics such as Positive Behaviour Support and physical interventions to groups of care professionals and local authority colleagues. Sally also spends time meeting with care professionals and social workers to create support plans for individual people who are presenting behaviours of concern.

As well as time spent outside of the office, Sally's schedule includes time spent completing desk-based tasks, such as answering email enquiries and planning training events.

To succeed in a career in care, you need to always treat people as you would want to be treated yourself. The values of dignity, empathy and respect should always be at the core of your work.


2019 - present

Positive Behaviour Support Lead Advisor – local authority


Completed the Descriptive Functional Assessment and Intervention Plan Programme qualification- accredited by British Institute of Learning Disabilities


Completed The CAPBS Positive Behaviour Support Coaches Programme qualification - accredited by British Institute of Learning Disabilities

2015 - 2019

Learning and Development Advisor - local authority

2013 - 2015

Community Opportunities Coordinator - local authority day service

2011 - 2013

Community support worker - local authority

2010 - 2011

Team leader - local authority reablement service


Care Coordinator - local authority day service

2003 - 2010

Day centre officer - local authority day service

2001 - 2003

Support worker - local authority day service

2000 - 2001

Home care professional - home care service

1998 - 2000

Senior carer - residential nursing home


Completed Level 3 Health and Social Care qualification

1993 - 1998

Care assistant - residential nursing home


Left college with Level 2 Health and Social Care qualification

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