Home care worker standing outside her company's head office.

Laura's career journey

Laura left school with qualifications in performing arts and spent a few years working in a supermarket kitchen until leaving to care for her children in 2013. In the years that followed, Laura began helping to care for an elderly neighbour whose partner was struggling to provide all the support that they needed. This experience gave Laura the confidence to apply for her first job in home care.

Laura was very nervous when she first started her role at Care at Home in Ratby, Leicestershire, because she is severely dyslexic and was worried that she would struggle with training and record keeping. However, Laura successfully completed an NVQ in Adult Social Care and quickly grew in confidence.

Shortly after starting her care role, Laura was able to progress to the role of a care assessor. Her career goal is to build her skills and experience so that she can progress into a senior care worker role.

I thought my dyslexia would hold me back, but now I know that it won't stop me progressing


Day in the life of a care assessor

Laura works around 19 hours a week across six days and has a work schedule that fits around her family life. Her role is a mixture of care planning and delivering care.

Laura visits people in their own homes and helps them to do the day-to-day activities that they need to do to live safely and comfortably. These activities include getting dressed, preparing food, managing medication, and personal care, such as using the toilet and washing. As well as practical support, Laura helps people to avoid social isolation by having time to chat and talk about how they are feeling.

Laura's care assessor role involves meeting with new customers and their loved ones to write a plan of the person's needs and how they would like to receive support. For example, finding out how a person likes to get ready in the morning, or the food they like to eat. Laura then reviews these care and support plans regularly to make sure that they are up-to-date.

I love the satisfaction of knowing I have helped somebody.

Career timeline

September 2017

Care Assessor - Care at Home home care service


Care Worker - home care service

2013- 2017

Laura took time out of work to raise her children


Kitchen staff - supermarket


Graduated from college with qualifications in Performing Arts

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