Home care worker in her work uniform, stood outside her company's office.

I always wanted to have an active retirement but I also wanted to earn some money so care work was perfect for me


Stephanie's journey into care work

Stephanie starting working for Care at Home in Ratby, Leicestershire, after retiring from a career running a clothing business. Stephanie has used the customer service skills that she gained through her business experience to build a strong rapport with the people that she supports. It is these relationships that inspire Stephanie to keep working.

Many home care professionals are able to choose working patterns that fit around their caring responsibilities and lifestyles. Stephanie chose her hours, starting early and finishing in the early afternoon, to allow her to spend her afternoons with her grandchildren and husband.

Although I will need to reduce my hours over time, I do not see myself stopping any time soon!


Stephanie's day

Stephanie's usual shift pattern is 6am to 2pm. The shift is made up of a timetable of visits to people who require support to live independently in their own homes. Stephanie has a regular group of clients who she has got to know and has built strong working relationships with.

The types of tasks that Stephanie carries out is guided by the needs and preferences of each individual. However, morning visits usually involve helping people to get out of bed, get dressed, use the toilet and prepare breakfast. Stephanie also helps people to plan their day and organise appointments or errands.

As well as practical care, Stephanie uses her time with people to offer emotional support and an opportunity to socialise and share conversation.

I love fashion so I love to help service users to get dressed and feel good

Career timeline

2016- present

Care worker - Care at Home home care service

June 2016


1990- 2016

Manager - clothing factory and shops

1972- 1990

Business owner - clothing retail

1969- 1972

Stephanie stopped working to raise her two children

1968- 1969

Clerical assistant - first job out of school

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